Future Crop Outlook Summaries
Climate-Hazard Investment Analysis 

CSI is equipped to rigorously analyze the potential impacts to investments exposed to weather- and climate-related hazards. Further, we work individually and confidentially with investors to mirror their preferred risk indicators useful for specific portfolios. Products include Outlook Summaries honed for investors and decision makers. These products are informative for identifying key concerns along with associated uncertainties, potential disruptions, and possible opportunities. Investor-based products may include a summary evaluating infrastructure risk, comparing threats for potential investment locations, and even a comparison of supply chain climate-related emissions.


Climate Smart Investments, LLC (CSI) offers a number of services to meet the needs of clients concerned about potential weather- and climate-related threats and opportunities. CSI assessments can be used to evaluate private investments and community assets. Further, as a strong knowledge base is essential for good decisionmaking, we welcome opportunities for educating you and your team to speak fluently regarding climate change and variability.

Community-Based Products, Stakeholder Engagement and Workshop Facilitation
Training Professionals

CSI can provide well-informed, tailored 1-hour, half-day, or full-day workshops and trainings for companies interested in incorporating and/or understanding climate science, analyzing vulnerabilities, and uncertainties associated with future projections and weather events.

Successful stakeholder engagement is critical for community-based analysis. When conducting a hazard analysis, CSI asks the right questions, identifies the appropriate stakeholders, and works effectively with community leaders to produce tailored and actionable results. Community-based products may include a 20-page summary of key hazards outlining potential impacts and possible forward-facing strategies.

Weather & Climate Due Diligence

For investors with a long-term time horizon, CSI identifies and models crop-specific climate risk indicators. For a given crop, our analysis can be packaged for 1 county to all counties within a state. The results are succinctly summarized in our Outlook Summary, a template that has proven useful for decision makers. Additional data, analysis and summaries are available upon request, including analyses in other regions of the world.