Climate smart investments (CSI), LLC draws from a wealth of experience evaluating weather and climate resilience across a multitude of sectors. Established in 2017, CSI brings together the specialized expertise of a knowledgeable, effective team that is tailored to each project. 


Similar to other fields such as medicine and technology, the field of climate science is constantly advancing. CSI continually improves our innovative products by diligently using the best available science and data. Our findings reveal potential opportunities and vulnerabilities that may occur under a changing climate. 


Effective Communication

Robust Analysis

CSI products are designed to improve decisionmaking. We combine technical expertise with effective communication to provide accessible and actionable information. CSI provides personalized trainings and workshops for public and private sector groups.

Weather conditions and climate are changing.  As you consider future investments, CSI has experience in arming and educating businesses, investors, and communities in understanding their weather- and climate-vulnerabilities.  

Smart Investments Require  Climate Due Diligence 

Technical Expertise

Climate Smart Investments, LLC


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